Large Bait Rigs

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For everyone else:

These rigs are great for the weekend and tournament anglers alike - these rigs are tournament tested by our SKA member team, from the King Mackerel-rich waters off Biloxi MS. to the productive waters off the famed Eastern side of Cape Lookout NC.

KMT Live Bait rigs are perfect for live baits up to 11”, for bait larger than 11” go with our Large Bait Rigs. We use the best material available:

These rigs can be rigged "Naked," Glow bead, or Blue Water Candy Skirts with lots of color choices. Our rigs are available in 3 styles:

Standard Wire Rigs


Premium Wire Rigs


Titanium Wire Rigs


Made from corrosion-resistant,
spring temper stainless steel.

Available with:

Standard #6 Wire or
Standard 1x7 (60 lb test) wire



Monofilament presents live
bait really well because it is
supple and limp. 
It allows
your bait to swim more
, however Mono is
not a good choice for King
Mackerel. That's why we offer
premium, 7x7, 65lb wire from AFW.
This wire has the same supple
limpness and knot strength of
Mono with the strength of a wire!

Titanium 1x7wire (50 lb test) is super
elastic and it stretches to absorb the strike,
unmatched kink resistance and flexibility
makes this material a favorite of the Pro’s.
Hand tied to KMT quality standards and the
ability to reuse these rigs verses other
material rigs makes the price
difference worth the investment.

4/0 Single Hook + TWO #2 Trebles


4/0 Single Hook with Ring + TWO #2 Trebles


This rig has a 4/0 Mustad
nose hook and two #2x trebles.
4/0 nose hook provides better bait holding ability

This rig has a 4/0 Owner live
bait hook with a ring nose hook,
the ring allows the bait to have
a more natural presentation.